SubMetal s.r.o.


White Metal Bearings

Modern manufacturing and thorough checking of our products provides high quality and reliability.
The thrust and journal bearings, tilting pads, gaskets and complete sliding bearings produced by GTW company are significant functional parts of industrial units and are used within the following areas:

  • gas and steam turbines
  • electric engines and generators
  • cement plant equipment
  • gear units
  • pumps and waterturbines
  • press and mechanical hammers
  • railway coach axles
  • crushing plant equipment
  • huge diesel and gas engines
  • piston compressors
  • turbocompressors
  • sugar rafinery equipment

Types of production:

  • new bearings production
  • bearings renewal


Lining technology:

  • centrifugal lining
  • static lining
  • special welding method

Advantages of the GTW bearings:

  • Highly advanced engineering supported by 3D Design
  • Full technical support services
  • Calculation of bearings
  • More than 16-years experience in design and manufacturing
  • Quality assurance ISO 9001:2008